100+ Units As A Solo Agent?! with Angie Petersen

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Solo agents can have different challenges than agents who run or are part of teams. For Greater Lakes, MN agent Angie Petersen, however, having a large number of transactions isn’t one of those challenges. In fact, Angie consistently closes between 80-120 transactions annually in a town of approximately 9,000 people. That’s a big business. For her, the challenge is knowing it’s okay to be content as a solo agent running a great business. She doesn’t have to cave to pressure to grow a team or expand. Being a solo agent works for her. And in order to succeed at a high level, she’s determined several simple – yet essential – systems that have allowed her to stay on track.

Angie knows that her systems work. After all, when she first began to use them, her business doubled in the first year. And it’s only grown from there.

Angie’s Key Systems

These four systems are the leverage that help Angie to stay organized, save time, and consistently close a large amount of business every year.

1. Transaction Management Help 

Angie pays a nominal fee for someone to help her with transaction paperwork once she has a property under contract and when the property is closed. They upload necessary documents, ensure she is commission compliant, and handle the final transaction details. On both the front end and back end of the transaction, getting transaction management help saves Angie 30-45 minutes. This is time she can allocate to listing appointments or time with her family.

2. In-Depth Marketing Calendar 

Although Angie’s current marketing calendar is basically a lead generation playbook that maps out her entire year, when she first started utilizing this system, it had a fraction of the detail it currently has. But this was something that she continued to add to and build out over time to keep herself focused. Today, she has everything on this calendar that she needs to run her business all in one snapshot. For example, she lays out what needs to be done for each pop-by, client appreciation event, video, and social media copy. By having it all presented in one place, she can ensure all of her marketing is intentional and in alignment with her brand

3. Master Spreadsheet 

This one-pager maps out all pendings, closings, and listings. Because it contains information on all the transactions she’s doing for the year, Angie can see where she is for the month and year, compare to the prior year and see if she’s on track. She uses it to understand what her income is and pinpoint what she needs to focus on or adapt.

4. Pipeline One-Pager 

Printed on durable cardstock, Angie brings this document with her everywhere so it’s always on her radar. She captures her buyers on one side and sellers on the other side. It’s always up-to-date so she knows where her pipeline stands at all times.

A large part of Angie’s success can be attributed to the fact that the systems she uses holds her accountable to herself and keeps her focus on her business consistent. When she experiences a pain point, she determines how leverage in the form of a person or a system (or both!) can help alleviate the issue and institutes that change. And it works. What systems have helped your business to improve?

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