October 2022

Become the Go-To Agent First-Time Home Buyers Need Right Now

On a good day, the market is a scary place for first-time home buyers. But take the market changes of the last few months and it’s enough to have anyone shaking in their boots. Across much of the country, the common sentiment is confusion. After all, the landscape looks a lot different than it did. As real estate agents, this type of market is one where our skills truly matter and we can make a difference by providing perspective to buyers about what’s happening in the market and how to best approach it. But where do we start?

Earn 20+ Leads in One Day with an EPIK Bold 100

When you’ve been in the business as long as Maryland luxury agent Ellie McIntyre has, chances are that you’ve put some systems in place to help it grow effectively.

This is exactly what Ellie’s EPIK Bold is, a turnkey system for getting potential clients to reach out and provide information about themselves. Coined EPIK after her team’s name, an acronym that stands for excellence, professionalism, integrity, and knowledge, the EPIK Bold reworks aspects of inbound and outbound calling programs so that they work for Ellie.

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