November 2022

Get a Grip on Mortgage Rates

If you’re trying to help clients buy or sell homes in the current market, you’ve likely run up against some hurdles. It’s been a wild year. Mortgage rates are no longer super low, which can create uncertainty about how to proceed in the market for both buyers and sellers. To help you handle this insecurity, I had a great talk with Loralynne Ball of Keller Mortgage this week about what we should know about the current mortgage landscape.

Unlock Your M.A.G.I.C. to Find Rhythm in Work & Life 

I love when I get to share general life wisdom with the Pivot: Shift Ahead and Inspire Collective groups. That’s why I was so excited to chat with Alyce Dailey recently. A businesswoman, wife, mother, and all-around good person, Alyce has learned a lot over the years. After hitting a wall and feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and like she had no margin for error in her life, she made it to the other side. And based on the ideas she’s found to work in her own life, Alyce wrote a book called The M.A.G.I.C Mom.

Turn Your Sphere Into Superfans

I always get excited when we bring speakers to the Pivot community who can influence your businesses for the better. Brittany Hodak – author, speaker, entrepreneur (and Shark Tank extraordinaire!) – is one of these people.

Brittany’s self-described obsession is teaching people how to create superfans for their businesses. In other words, she wants to show you how to differentiate yourself in a way that inspires your customers to go out and spread the good word about your business to their friends.

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