February 2023

Master Your Expenses for Higher Profitability

A lot of people are intimidated by the state of their finances. After all, we know we should watch what we’re spending, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. That’s where Ashley Miller comes in. As an executive coach for MAPS with her own residential real estate team, she’s invested a lot of time into helping people to maximize their income. She’s highly knowledgeable about how to set up our businesses and personal worlds in order to maximize our bottom lines. When we spoke, she had some simple, yet highly effective advice for how to start taking better care of your financial health.

A Simple Guide to Excel Outside Your Market

Sometimes when we sit down with amazing agents, we are reminded that success isn’t about doing everything, but rather, about focusing on the key things that really make a difference. Erica West really drove this point home when we spoke to her about how she continues to build an impressive business while living thousands of miles away for half of the year. The realizations she’s made about succeeding in business are applicable to anyone looking to succeed at a high level.

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