March 2023

Lead Conversion Rules That Actually Work

When the market slows, our ability – or inability – to create as many leads as possible becomes exposed. This is where Mastery Coach Anna Krueger’s expertise comes into play. With 20 years of sales under her belt, 10 years in real estate, and a background in teaching, Anna knows a lot about how to educate, connect and listen to people. As a coach, her goal is to help agents to truly connect with others and understand what their day should look like when lead generating.

Make Objection Handling Look Like A Breeze

Not too long ago, we were in a speed market. As soon as homes were listed, they were sold, with seemingly little concern for price or even condition. But things have changed. We’re now in a skill market. In other words, the abilities we have or we lack in bringing a home transaction seamlessly across the finish line are totally exposed.

Forge the Path to Success That Feeds Your Soul 

Real estate is an industry where we can get caught up in the stress of achievement. After all, our objectives are very clear – we know we want to take as many listings, close as many transactions, and earn as much commission as possible. Each goal can have almost an addictive quality, as we accomplish more, we want to achieve more as well.

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