April 2023

DISCuss & DISCover: Learn How to Decode the DISC So You Can Get to the “Yes” Every Time

Communicating can be tough. We know what we’re trying to say but all too often, what’s being heard is different. And it’s not surprising, because we’re all different. But what if we told you that it’s possible to improve the way you interact with others? Massachusetts-based agent Marilyn Burke has made it her mission to understand the DISC behavioral assessment and share her lessons learned with you. Read on to learn how interpreting the DISC dimensions in others can help you to better communicate, increase the quality and understanding in your relationships and even improve your business.

Become A Magnet For Sellers With Chris Ruszkiewicz’s Annual Real Estate Review

In any relationship-driven business, it’s important to be authentic and to provide value to potential clients without expecting anything in return. If you’re looking for ways to provide value but aren’t sure how, Chris Ruszkiewicz’s Annual Real Estate Review is a great approach to take. Chris provides an annual equity analysis to her sphere of influence and past clients. She builds touches around the information she supplies and shows her contacts how they can use the data to their own benefit, whether or not they are interested in selling.

Innovative Outreach Tactics That Ensure Results

The most important aspect of any lead generation technique is consistency. After all, time on the task over time produces long-term results. One of the best ways to ensure we can commit to using our key lead generation tactic day in and day out is to not mind doing it. That’s right. Pick lead generation tactics that you don’t try to avoid and actually enjoy.

Celebrating 10 Years of The One Thing with Jay Papasan

When a big milestone comes around in our community, we like to acknowledge and celebrate it. And this month marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of The ONE Thing. With just over 3 million copies sold in 42 language translations, this book has had a lasting impact on our Pivot: Shift Ahead community as well as elsewhere throughout the world. To mark this achievement, we talked with co-author Jay Papasan.

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