June 2023

How To Build Out A VIP Program for a Golden Database

As Josie Burke of the Valerie King Team will tell you, knowing who applauds and appreciates your business is key for taking it to new heights. After all, when treated right, repeat and referral business is low-hanging fruit and an ideal lead generation source. And the Valerie King Team prides themselves on connecting with this portion of their database in an elite way. It shows too, with repeat and referral business accounting for almost 85% of their transactions. That’s huge. When you know who sends you business, you can send extra gratitude in their direction. Josie Burke, the Director of Operations and Marketing with the Valerie King Team of Connecticut has mastered a system around tracking who these people are. In her interview with James Shaw, she walks us through how their team reciprocates the love that they feel from their database.

Why Juneteenth Matters

We feel like we’ve hit the jackpot whenever Julia Lashay Israel visits our group. As a member of the KW family for many years as an agent, broker and currently as the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Julia always brings great insight to any conversation. In this never-before-seen interview from our Pivot: Shift Ahead vault, Julia sat down to talk about Juneteenth and what we can do today in order to make sure that everyone who we are in business with and serve have equal opportunities.

The Mid-Year Mark: Finishing 2023 Strong

Depending upon what your year has felt like to date, the mid-year mark can be invigorating or it can be a little terrifying. But we’re here to tell you that whether you’re ahead, on track, or behind at this point in time, it doesn’t really matter. Just because you may be winning the first half doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to win the game. And just because you feel like the underdog doesn’t mean you don’t have a victory around the corner. No matter where you are versus your goals at this point in time, you can still win the year.

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