July 2023

How to Win the Day By Noon 

Building a successful business requires intentionality. Rodney Maison of Atlanta, Georgia, knows this from first-hand experience. Since becoming an agent less than four years ago, Rodney has grown an almost $10 million business by getting focused on the activities that bring him the greatest results.

4 Ways to Get A Grip on Your Budget

One key goal of our businesses is profitability. After all, we can’t exist for the long-term without it. When homes are flying off the proverbial shelves, how we handle our money may not be obvious. However, when the market slows, our skill set around handling money becomes more apparent. We recently sat down with mega agent, Christina Welch, who has spent the better half of the last decade being hyper-focused on her team’s budget.

Build Your Niche Through Untapped Relationships 

When it comes our real estate businesses, focusing consistently on a niche can be a beneficial source of business if we dedicate the time into building the relationships and providing the customized value for it. Ask San Diego-based agent Bridget Potterton. In real estate for 20 years, Bridget is a solo agent who attributes a significant and growing amount of business to the niche she concentrates in – divorces.

From Solo to Supercharged: Leverage Systems You Need to Succeed

That solo agents can have a thriving and successful business is an absolute truth. Case in point, Paulina Najbar of Springfield, Missouri. Currently in her fifth year in real estate, Paulina is on track to do 50-60 units this year as a solo agent. She relishes her solo agent status because she’s able to stay in control of every aspect of the transaction. For her, being the point of contact every step of the way for her clients is something she loves. Her secret? Building leverage into her business through systems and people while still remaining an individual agent.

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