September 2023

Design. Build. Live.

Jessica Starr is passionate about investing. So much so that she and team member Doug Hagen created a multi-part course titled Design. Build. Live to help others with their investment journeys. While they are not financial advisors or tax experts (and we all recommend talking to an expert in these areas when making big monetary decisions!), Jess and Doug have taken the things they wish they knew when they started, as well as the mistakes they learned from along the way in order to create lessons everyone can benefit from. They believe that their track record as investors and agents can help people to think a little differently when it comes to investing in real estate.

Start Wealth Building With These Simple Action Steps

Top agent Jessica Starr is passionate about wealth building. So much so that she’s made it her quest to get people excited about the possibilities that real estate investing can create. As a result of her journey into this realm, Jess has created a multi-session course to teach people both inside and outside of the real estate community how to invest and build wealth. In our sit down, she introduces us to her insights around this topic.

Overcome Seller Objections with These Pro-tips

There’s no doubt that today’s market is a skills-based market. But no matter what market we’re in, knowing how to win listings is essential. That’s where MAPS coaches Emily Baker and Aaron Simons come in. With a tremendous amount of experience with listings between the two of them, Emily and Aaron can provide advice and tactics to help us ease the minds of potential clients and help them make the decisions that best suit their needs.

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