October 2023

How Hayley Siefert Sells Half the Homes in Her Market

Hayley Siefert has been in business for seven years in Danville, Illinois. Not only has her business grown every year, but she’s on track to close 300 units this year alone with a team consisting of just her, an admin, and one buyer’s agent. In fact, she’s captured almost 50 percent of her area’s market share almost single-handedly. Her secret? Through genuinely caring about her community.

High Impact Open House Strategies Your Sellers Will Love

If you’re interested in getting the most money for your sellers, you know that how you price the home and how you market it matters. And the way you host open houses can have an impact on the outcome. Ish Ahmed of Palm Beach, Florida and Julie Hess of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania both understand how important it is to have a good strategy around open houses. After all, their purpose is to launch the listing and price it effectively in order to create excitement and increase demand for the home. In their recent sit down, these two stellar agents provided five key pieces of advice for ensuring that open houses get your sellers the biggest bang for their buck.

Become an Investor Magnet with Best Buy Lists

It can be said in any market though it’s especially true in the current one: we have to be purposeful about finding business. Plano, Texas agent Jessica Maddern has taken this message to heart as she’s grown her business through targeting potential investors. In fact, since she’s intentionally targeted these potential clients, she’s both grown her business and increased the share of investor-related business from 6.5 percent to 23 percent.

Be the Agent of Choice Anywhere & Everywhere with Outbound Referrals

Donna Gilbert has been a successful real estate agent in the Fairfield, Connecticut area for more than two decades. However, she’s always split her time between her two professional loves: pure-bred dogs and real estate. While the pandemic forced her to turn more of her attention to real estate, she learned how to get purposeful about bringing these two unique career paths together in an authentic and profitable way. Donna services the show dog community by via providing them introductions to qualified agents anywhere in the country to serve their needs. And she’s concentrated on this portion of her business so strongly that it has become a true pillar of her business, earning her 16 closed transactions in less than a year.

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