November 2023

The Shift-Proof Niche You Need To Know About

As a high-performing agent in the El Paso, Texas area, Chasity Rosales knows a thing or two about serving clients at a high level. And as an Army reservist married to a U.S Veteran, Chasity also knows a lot about the needs of military families. Her realization? The military community is frequently underserved when it comes to real estate. As a result, she’s made it her mission to make sure that military families are well-represented in the home buying and selling process. So much so, in fact, that the military represents 87% of Chasity’s impressive business.

4 Tips For Keeping Your Mindset In Check

There is little question that the market has been a bit different over the past year. And when things aren’t as we expect or hope them to be, our mindset can get a little….off. However, there is a path to seeing opportunity in the challenges we face. After all, don’t all successful businesses hit frustrations along the way? Luckily for us, Keller Williams’ Master Faculty and Seattle-area agent Rebecca Del Pozo shared her advice for doing just that on our recent sit-down. Read on to see Rebecca’s tips for keeping your mindset in check.

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