December 2023

7 Steps to Finetune your Focus

Real estate can be a tough industry. And if this year has taught us anything, it’s that how we use our time can have a big impact on the successes and challenges we face. Those who are purposeful win the day. In the spirit of giving back to those who have invested their time with us, James Shaw and MREA Jennie Wolek presented an end-of-year session intended to help you tie up loose ends and start your year off on a fresh note.

Grow a Top Business as a Dual Career Agent

Growing a real estate business is not for the faint of heart. Not only does it involve seemingly scary things like commission-only income and becoming your own boss, but oftentimes, it requires us to do these things at the same time as we hold down other full-time jobs and meet other previously existing obligations.

The 4 Things Montaz McCray Did to Sell $25M This Year

Washington, D.C-area agent Montaz McCray may only be completing his third year in real estate, but as he’s on track to become $25 million producer by year-end, he’s learned a thing or two about building a successful business during his tenure. Unlike his previous corporate job, Montaz was attracted to real estate because of the opportunity to help people and the ability to really see the fruits of his labor. And one thing he’s certain about is that despite the inconsistency of the market we’re experiencing, he’s found that consistent actions provide consistent results over time. In fact, in his quest to sustain the level of success he’s built over his time in the business, Montaz has pinpointed 4 key things he does day in and day out to ensure the work he puts in now pays off down the road.

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