January 2024

Vision Boards: The Feel-Good Event Your Sphere will Love

Hosting an event can be a great reason to get in touch with your database and an even better way to get face-to-face with people and forge relationships. And you don’t have to host the town carnival to make an impact. In fact, sometimes the smaller, more intimate events can go even further than large blow-out gatherings in making a difference in the lives of people within your sphere.

Grow Your Agent Referral Database with These 6 Steps

Relationships are the key ingredient to any successful real estate business. And once you get into relationships, maintaining them is equally as important. Wilmington, North Carolina agent Carli Williams Meeks understands how the right relationships can make or break your business. When Carli’s husband’s job was relocated and they moved to Wilmington, she didn’t know anyone. Her database at the time consisted of people from her home town (in other words, not in Wilmington), agents, and a select few individuals in her new location. She asked herself which of those three segments she could tap into to help her get into production the fastest. Her answer: agent referrals.

From rock bottom to peak agent: Bill DeVore’s incredible journey and singular focus

Sometimes a story comes across our radar and contains so many messages and lessons, it simply needs to be told. Enter top Asheville, North Carolina’s agent Bill DeVore. While he is currently on track to close 30-40 units a year and earn a 70 percent profit margin, this is not where his tale begins. His life story is one of grit, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles.

9 Steps to Ruling Social Media

Not only can a career in real estate be time consuming, but if we let it, it can encroach on the areas of our lives that matter most to us. Northern California agent Rachel Adams Lee knows of this experience first-hand. After getting into real estate in 2012, she would door knock 200 homes and hold multiple open houses each and every week. And as her career and personal life transitioned, she realized she wanted to create a business that would work with her family life.

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