February 2024

Crushing Your Life and Business Goals From Anywhere

All of us hope to live a life we’ve designed to suit our personal and professional needs and wants. But what does that actually entail? For agents Knelly Dettinger and Erica West, this looks a little different from what you may expect. Both agents run high performing businesses – from afar. While they’re at different stages professionally in building their businesses, both contribute highly important perspectives to show us that any of us are capable of achieving the dreams we aspire to achieve.

Vendor Sponsorships & Your Events: So Many Options, So Many Win-WIns

Since getting her license in 2017, Aubrey Martin has built a successful business in the Portland, Oregon area, consistently selling between 54 and 74 houses a year. And because her prior professional experience was in the non-profit world, she recognized that a skill she learned there – getting belly-to-belly with people to build strong relationships –could also happen in this professional sphere through the events she hosts. Aubrey has used that experience to her advantage, creating events that are a draw for her sphere and vendors alike.

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