March 2024

Sarah Maslowski Closed $32M from YouTube Last Year with These Best Practices

At almost six years into her real estate career, Sarah Maslowski has built an impressive business. Three years ago, Buford, Georgia agent knew she wanted to focus on one pillar of lead generation. She tried to incorporate video into her business before, and while she was admittedly inconsistent in doing so, she didn’t have a whole lot of luck with it. This time, her focus on YouTube was different. And it’s become a major long-term lead generation source, enabling her to help 60 families last year alone just from YouTube to the tune of $32 million in volume and approximately $800,000 in GCI. In fact, between 80-85% of her business now comes from YouTube.

Mel Robbins’ 5-Second Rule in Real Life and On Stage with Marisel Polizzo

When Corona, California Marisel Polizzo came to Keller Williams’ Family Reunion this year, she probably didn’t think that she’d have a lasting impression on 10,000+ people. After all, as a dual career agent in the business for a little over a year, it was her first Family Reunion to attend. And when her Team Leader made it possible for her to make payments on the ticket because she knew it would be impactful on Marisel, the Team Leader likely had no idea how many people would benefit from Marisel’s participation in the event.

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