May 2024

100 Days of 100 Open Houses

Having a plan to hit the ground running is a surefire way to get into action quickly. And if anyone personifies this type of behavior, it’s Columbia, South Carolina-based agent Rico Roberts. Rico is new to the real estate industry. In fact, his official start date of August 2023 was just a mere few months ago. And not only was he new to real estate, but he was also new to the location he serves. When he moved from St. Louis to Columbia, he didn’t know anyone. Talk about starting from scratch. But Rico had a plan from day one.

The 5 Secrets of High Producing Agents with ADHD That Can Improve Anyone’s Business

Mental health is something we should all be paying attention to. After all, our mental well-being can impact every facet of our lives. As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to give it the respect and consideration it deserves. To this end, we are thrilled that MAPS and ADHD coach Tyler Elstrom spent some time discussing his experiences as a neurodivergent individual as well as his time spent coaching others who face similar experiences. And considering he’s conducted over 9,000 individual coaching calls to-date, it’s safe to say Tyler is experienced on the topic.

Overcoming Overwhelm: Proven Strategies to Tackle 5 Pain Points of Your Business

We hit the jackpot when two members of our community, Josie Ambroise and Carissa Mason, both who are passionate about leverage and systems, joined us to teach their class, Overcoming Overwhelm: Proven Strategies to Tackle 5 Pain Points of Your Business. As Josie is the Director of Operations and Marketing for the Valerie King Team and Carissa Mason is a broker at two brokerages and the owner of the Carissa Mason Team, it’s clear that these two professionals have a good grasp on how to keep the wheels turning at a high pace.

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