June 2024

Building a $12 Million Business by “Simply Doing Your Job” with Chad Craig

If you’ve spent any time with us in the Pivot: Shift Ahead community, you know that we believe one of the key contributing factors to success is the ability to be boring. You heard that right. But it might not be as easy as you think. The concept of being boring is really all about knowing what you need to do to achieve your goals and consistently go out and carve away at them day after day. Sure, it’s a simple concept. But it’s not easy to carry out every day. Yet, when we focus daily on the things that matter, we are better able to achieve lasting success.

The 5 Essential Ingredients To A Pipeline Growing Letter Campaign

We always say, when you have a lead source that works at a high level, stick with it. For Western North Carolina agent, Tim Johnson, one of his top lead sources is the letter campaigns he conducts to expired listings. When he first started lead generating in this capacity, he wanted to set himself apart from other agents who, like him, were making daily phone calls. Tim wanted to give people a reason to call him. And in the three years since he first initiated this campaign, he attributes roughly $500,000 in GCI to it. That’s a lead source worth continuing to be sure!

So what sets Tim’s letter campaign apart and makes it so beneficial to his pipeline?

FSBO Fortune with Emily Peckham (June Session)

When we know of a great thing – we want to share it. And a couple months ago, our minds were blown by the system Nashville-area agent, Emily Peckham, shared around communicating with For Sale By Owners. As it turns out, many of your minds were similarly blown. In that vein, when you asked for Emily to come back and teach again, we listened. After all, in her first four years in the business, she sold over 140 FSBO homes. She knows this segment of the market. And lucky for us, she came back to the Pivot: Shift Ahead community to take us through the basics of how to reach out and make a connection with FSBOs in our own areas.

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