5 Tactics to Persevere Through the Hard Stuff to Get Massive Results

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No matter where the agents we talk to are located throughout the world, one thing is certain: their achievements are due to hard work and perseverance. Kim Williams of Johannesburg, South Africa is no different.

Always having an entrepreneurial mindset, Kim started in real estate in 2022. And in that short amount of time, her share of the market in her country has grown pretty impressively. In fact, out of a total of roughly 300,000 transactions in all of South Africa in a given year, Kim sold more than 60 of them last year. Although she won Rookie of the Year in South Africa in 2023 and tripled her business income in the second year, this wasn’t an easy time for her. She had to start over in business and in life, and as a result, admits she was in a pretty bad head space.

However, in time, she found her footing. She consistently showed up and recommitted to the profession every single day. For her, this meant persevering through challenges and staying in action. She worked on her EQ skills, and focused on both improving her lead generation and follow-up. And she committed to improving her mindset.

In other words, Kim took the hard things she came up against as fodder to show others what she was made of. And she took action instead of getting stuck in self-doubt.

As a result, she learned 5 key tactics that helped her to succeed at a high level. And she’s sharing what she learned with us.

1. Action begets results

When challenges hit, fear is a natural response. In fact, Kim admits that sometimes she felt paralyzed with fear with all she was dealing with in life and professionally. She was overwhelmed. Her personal mantra? Just do one thing today. If you can achieve one thing professionally, such as picking up the phone and making a single phone call, that’s a success. Be consistent. And results will come from taking these action steps.

2. Constantly look to improve your skill set

The more you work on getting better at your profession, the more confident you become. Kim took advantage of all the educational tools she could that would help her to elevate her game. She found that the result was a snowball effect, where others sensed her confidence and her proficiency in her role and wanted to work with her.

3. Communicate constantly

When you stay on top of – and ahead of – communication, you’re setting a positive tone for your clients from the get-go. As Kim found, overcommunication always receives a more favorable response than under-communication. Not only that, but by staying ahead of your

clients’ communication needs, you’re able to mitigate the risks they may face and manage their expectations more easily. And when you can paint a realistic picture of what the real estate process will look like from the get-go when working with you, you’ll wind up with more satisfied clients in return.

4. Give yourself time to succeed

Put one foot in front of the other to move forward, but recognize that success – and mindset shifts – don’t happen overnight. If you do the work, internally, your headspace will improve and open to the possibility of success. And externally, recognize that real estate is a numbers game. The more people you talk to over time, results will follow.

5. Support yourself

Figure out what your “why” is – what drives you to succeed in the business and use it to propel yourself forward. As Kim shared, if you don’t have faith in yourself to achieve your why, no one else will. In spite of the challenges and hardships you may face, believe that you can accomplish your ultimate goals. When you do, achieving success is that much sweeter.

Do Kim’s tactics resonate with your own experiences? What have you learned in the face of tough times?

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