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Boise, Idaho agent April Florczyk has learned a lot during the 24 years she’s been in the real estate business. And she’s taken these learnings and succeeded at a high level, to the tune of almost a million dollars in GCI last year. One thing that she learned early on? The importance of builder relationships to her business.

When she first started in real estate, she recognized that as important as resale clients were to her business, they didn’t move very often. On the other hand, if she aligned herself with builders, builders are always in need of buyers. So, from the very beginning, she focused on building relationships with builders.

Why Builders?

April recognized that the builders in her area were often small businesses just like her. In fact, they were often one-man shows. In other words, it was hard for them to wear every hat in their business and be successful. She realized that she could bring tremendous value to them through three key areas:

· Bringing them potential opportunities

· Helping them behind the scenes

· Providing a platform for their product

Bringing Builders Potential Opportunities

As with any relationships you are building in real estate, it’s key to become their local market economist of choice. Study the market and get a real understanding of the things that can impact builders in your market. There are a couple of great ways to do this. First, get to know the data behind the scenes. Know what the inventory is and what buyer needs are. You can find out what people are looking for by hosting open houses and talking to the potential buyers. You can also simply drive around and look for opportunities where builders would benefit from building homes: places with less competition and buildable lots. Then, relay what you are seeing in the marketplace to builders. Builders will gladly give you time if you can share opportunities they can benefit from.

Helping Builders Behind the Scenes

More often than not builders are so busy building homes that they don’t take the time to do the other essential parts of the business, such as marketing their product. So, April provides the services that builders don’t consider. For instance, she offers photography services at multiple points of the build so that the builders can grow a portfolio of their work and market their finished products. She learns the processes that work for one builder and introduces other builders to these processes. And she introduces builders to other resources and connections that can make things easier for them, such as designers who can help to choose finishings buyers are excited about.

Providing a Platform for Their Homes

April’s business enables builders to reach far more potential buyers than they would on their own by taking advantage of the open houses she holds and the marketing platform she creates for them. April has found that there are always new builds available that builders can’t be present at in-person to sell themselves. By helping them to sell their spec homes, April offers not just a valuable service, but a way for the builders to get to know her. In addition, some builders don’t even have websites – and she provides a huge amount of value by delivering on all of these needs and making their lives easier.

How to Start

If you’re looking to increase the amount of new construction sales you do, don’t overthink it. As April suggests, simply pick up the phone and ask for a few minutes of their time to share the opportunities that you see that they can benefit from. And if a builder turns you down, don’t get discouraged. Just because a builder doesn’t take advantage of one off you bring to them, doesn’t meant they won’t be interested in future opportunities. So keep in touch with updated data – and be open to having ongoing conversations.

When you find the builders that you want to align with and you want your brand to represent, the opportunity for both you and the builder is both ongoing and huge. Start to develop these relationships in your own sphere today!

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