Building a $12 Million Business by “Simply Doing Your Job” with Chad Craig

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If you’ve spent any time with us in the Pivot: Shift Ahead community, you know that we believe one of the key contributing factors to success is the ability to be boring. You heard that right. But it might not be as easy as you think. The concept of being boring is really all about knowing what you need to do to achieve your goals and consistently go out and carve away at them day after day. Sure, it’s a simple concept. But it’s not easy to carry out every day. Yet, when we focus daily on the things that matter, we are better able to achieve lasting success.

And today, we want to introduce you to an agent who has succeeded doing just that.

Washington, D.C and Upper Marlboro, Maryland-area agent Chad Craig has built his business over the last six years by paying attention to his business. As he tells us, his success – to the tune of almost $12 million in volume last year – comes down to him simply “doing his job.” What does this mean to Craig?

Concentrating on building and deepening his pipeline.

Craig utilizes a couple of techniques that have helped him to both touch his 1,300-member database effectively and work to strengthen his pipeline. The first is the communication approach he utilizes with his database. Craig believes in the concept of a real estate life cycle. And he engages with each person according to where they currently exist in the cycle. More specifically, he compares his pipeline and communications with them to an airline’s offerings.

As he shares, Craig says his job is to sell as many tickets as possible to get onto his metaphorical airline. The first-class tickets are those that he’s in frequent contact with – at least once a week. They are his pending deals and hot leads. In other words, these are the people that get the extra special attention and service. Next are the business class tickets. These people may not be specifically considered to be a hot lead, but they are a little closer to the transaction than some others in his pipeline. They are still getting prepared to enter the market, but are likely pre-approved and may have signed a listing agreement with him. Craig talks to these people anywhere from monthly to quarterly, depending on their needs. The final segment of his pipeline is the equivalent to an airline’s coach seats. There are a lot of them and they aren’t in the market to purchase right now. They may be 18-months away from a move, have financial or credit issues to be fixed, or a condition around their move. These pipeline members are touched via the DTD2 database approach, which lays out a system in which all of the people in the database that fall within two specific last name letters are reached out to each week. The goal of reaching out in this systematic fashion is to build the relationships over time so that people eventually move into another portion of the database, or as Chad explains it, to give them a chance to “upgrade.”

When it comes to building his pipeline, Chad also set a strategic goal to help him achieve the production level he pinpointed at the start of the year. He recognized that he needs 120 people, at all times, to be consistently in his pipeline in order to hit his production goals. Because he is steadfast about the ways he reaches out and interacts with his database, he knows what he needs to do every day in order to achieve his goals. There are no surprises. He just simply does his job every day to achieve the success he desires.

In other words, Craig is a poster child for why “boring” works: he knows what he has to do every day, he does the things he knows are necessary, and the success he achieves is a natural outcome. Consistency works.

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