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Since the spring, the market has definitely been different. No longer is the climate one where buyers will waive inspections, pay gobs over the asking price and go crazy to get the deal. Luckily, when I recently sat down with Brittany Whinery of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s The Wolek Group, she shared some great tips on working with buyers in today’s market.
My number one takeaway? You must invest time in your buyers now. Don’t rush the process of building rapport or skimp on the communication necessary to establish a relationship. If you treat your buyers right from the beginning, you’ll be able to mitigate the increased risk of buyer’s remorse that comes with this market and be more likely to earn valuable referrals down the road.
Buyer Consultations at Every Stage of the Process
While we could never overstate the importance of communication, it’s even more vital in the current market. And this means buyer consultations are key. These ongoing conversations show that you are knowledgeable about the market and a trustworthy ally in their corner.
The Upfront Conversation
The initial conversation with a potential buyer was short and sweet not too long ago. Not any longer. It turns out that this upfront talk is likely the most important one you can have. Brittany shared that her clients actually extended the length of this initial conversation because they have a lot more questions than they did a few months ago. To serve any future client well, it’s essential that you spend more time asking and answering questions on the front end of the transaction, getting clarity around the buyer’s needs, and setting expectations. Common fears around interest rates and timing often come up in this initial talk and agents can use this time to explain to expect what’s happening in their local market. As Brittany explains “spending a little extra time upfront can ensure we save time as we move throughout the process.”
The In-Person or Zoom Conversation
Once the agent has ascertained that a potential buyer is serious and ready to buy a home, the next buyer consultation takes the potential buyer through the nitty-gritty of the process. This is where Brittany goes over all the details that a buyer can expect to experience. She also uses this time to show what she can specifically do for her buyers. For instance, she shares active listings that are appropriate for them, statistics that apply to their needs, and stories of other buyers she’s served successfully.
Around the First Showing
Either before or at the first showing, Brittany conducts what she refers to as her third buyer consultation. During this time, she conducts a review about what to expect, so that the clients feel good about what they are walking into. Being able to share what is going on in the market as well as the authentic personal stories of other buyers who have had success in the current market allows Brittany to control the narrative about how to thrive as a buyer in the current market.
No matter what step they are in of the buying process, Brittany understands the importance of connecting with clients on an ongoing basis. Even a pending buyer gets frequent communication multiple times a week to keep the deal together and potential problems at bay.
Brittany’s advice to other agents? Nurture your buyer relationships at every chance through ongoing conversations. When you show you are committed to connecting at every chance with your buyers, you’re likely to set the stage for an ongoing relationship in the future.
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