The Cheat Code to Making Facebook Marketplace Your Top Lead Source

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Mobile, Alabama agent Devin Schaff may not have been in the business long, but he hit the ground running when he got his license in March 2023. Since his first day on the job a few short months ago, he has already closed 34 deals and has another 18 active listings.

He decided he needed to utilize a different approach when lead generating. His partner is also in real estate and therefore, he knew their spheres of influence would greatly overlap. He didn’t want to overwhelm his friends and wanted to make his own name for himself. So, Devin turned to a place he’d used in the past to sell things: Facebook Marketplace.

And it’s clearly been working for him at a high level, with at least 75% of his listings related to Facebook Marketplace. How has he worked this lead source to his advantage? Read on for his how-to guide:

1. Search Facebook Marketplace in-depth for homes and land that are For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties.

Start by weeding out paid-for listings and listings placed by professionals. Weed out the paid-for listings and those listings place by professionals. Devin recommends doing this by clicking on the ads and looking for tell-tale signs. For example, if picture quality is low, there are only a few pictures, or the write-up doesn’t seem professional, it’s likely a FSBO. Another good way to double check that the property isn’t an active listing is to ensure that the profile of the person who posted the ad doesn’t show them as being a realtor.

2. Reach out to the poster about the property

Once Devin has determined it’s a FSBO, he either clicks on the automated “is this still available” option or reaches out via messenger to ask “Can we set up a quick call about your house?” As he suggests, don’t pick and choose which homes you reach out about. When it comes to Facebook Marketplace, you’re playing a numbers game. Message every ad and see who responds.

3. Don’t hide the fact that you’re a realtor

When conversing either via phone, text, or messenger, Devin always introduces himself as a realtor and asks to talk about the property. There’s no reason to hide your purpose for connecting!

4. Do your research on the property

Putting in the work and doing the research around a home you are reaching out about is essential. Devin recommends pulling comparative properties and doing a CMA prior to this reach-out in order to see if the FSBO has been priced appropriately. Then, he is better equipped to come to the conversation prepared with what he can offer the owner, whether it is an extensive marketing plan, awareness of the money they are leaving on the table via pricing incorrectly, or access to qualified buyers.

5. Access Facebook Marketplace around the times that home owners typically post

Devin has found that people generally post their FSBOs to Marketplace at three distinct times: in the morning before they start their workday, during a lunch break, or before bedtime. Each of these times represent a time when they are not working. Therefore, he checks Marketplace around these times and reaches out then.

Like any other lead generation technique, the goal of using Facebook Marketplace is to get an appointment and ultimately a signed agreement with the homeowner. And like any other potential clients, FSBOs using Facebook Marketplace will have objections that you’ll likely have to overcome. However, by consistently reaching out to every FSBO you find on Facebook Marketplace, engaging with them, and sharing how your services can ultimately help them to achieve their goal of selling their home, you, too, can use Facebook Marketplace as a helpful tool for building your pipeline and business.

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