From rock bottom to peak agent: Bill DeVore’s incredible journey and singular focus

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Sometimes a story comes across our radar and contains so many messages and lessons, it simply needs to be told. Enter top Asheville, North Carolina’s agent Bill DeVore. While he is currently on track to close 30-40 units a year and earn a 70 percent profit margin, this is not where his tale begins. His life story is one of grit, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles.

While his story is one of achieving great success – it starts with hitting rock bottom.

As Bill shared, “rock bottom can be a firm foundation on which to build a life.” His lowest point culminated in an extended stint in rehab after being involved in a major car accident, two DUIs and a couple of jail stays. And also, as a result, he lost his driver’s license for more than 500 days. As Bill will tell you, it’s not easy to start over, especially without the ability to drive yourself to where you need to go. Two things were clear when he got out of rehab: it was time to rebuild his life and he needed someone to believe in him when he didn’t believe in himself.

His first step was to move to Asheville, North Carolina. Originally from Charlotte, he didn’t have any connection to Asheville, but he chose it because he thought it would be less “fun” than other areas he could relocate to, which was important as a recovering addict. He got a job at a local Chick Fil A drive-through window, which without a license or a car, he spent hours riding the bus both to and from. From here, his future began to take shape.

Mega Agent Stephen Cooley reconnected with him and talked to Bill about resurrecting a career in real estate. Stephen believed in Bill and put him in touch with the local Team Leader, who believed in him as well. This was what Bill needed to jumpstart his life. Because these men believed in him when he didn’t quite believe in himself, he decided he would do whatever was necessary to succeed. And to prove them right, he capped that first year without having a car.

Relationships are Everywhere – and the Cornerstone of Business

Bill’s first sale – to the tune of a $400,000 home purchase – came from the drive-through line at the Chick Fil A. How? As he recounts, the same people come through the drive-through line every day. He got to know these people and began building relationships with them. His second sale came from his participation in AA and building relationships within his support group. Clearly, relationships matter.

Setting and Adjusting Goals – and Achieving Them Consistently

Bill DeVore has been making daily calls since 2019. But truth be told, he started seeing the impact from the momentum he was creating within the first 90 days ($6 million in business at that point!) and has never let up. A coach once asked him what it would take him to lead generate every day. He knew he was motivated more by “pain” than by “rewards” – so he mutually agreed upon a “punishment” with his coach to encourage him to follow-through on a daily goal. The agreement? His coach would mail a $5,000 check, written by Bill, to a person he didn’t want to receive the money if he wasn’t able to report back daily that he completed his goal. This call goal – at first, 10 contacts a day (with the exception of weekends and holidays) was never missed.

Although the daily call goal has changed over time, his consistency has not. When Bill found that 10 contacts a day wasn’t giving him the results he wanted, he increased his goal, first to 18 contacts and then to 25 contacts a day. After all, when the market changes, Bill recognized that his activities needed to change as well.

By being consistent in making his contacts, Bill is able to predict what his business will look like. And this ability is key to a successful long-term career.

Putting a Focus on Contacts

Bill suggests figuring out what you like to do and focusing on making your contacts in those areas. For instance, because he likes to golf, Bill has joined golfers he didn’t know and established connections by doing so. If you’re trying to increase the number of contacts you make each day, consider joining forces with a local lender to pay for coffee at a coffee shop. Using this tactic, Bill met 75 people in roughly an hour and a half.

You may have a huge database or a small-but-mighty one. When you establish relationships and make a point of being in touch with the people in your sphere on an ongoing basis, you too can live Bill’s mantra of “selling houses for fun but changing lives for a living.”

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