How Hayley Siefert Sells Half the Homes in Her Market

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Hayley Siefert has been in business for seven years in Danville, Illinois. Not only has her business grown every year, but she’s on track to close 300 units this year alone with a team consisting of just her, an admin, and one buyer’s agent. In fact, she’s captured almost 50 percent of her area’s market share almost single-handedly. Her secret? Through genuinely caring about her community.

It doesn’t take a large budget or time commitment to show your community how much they matter. Like she shared in our interview, Hayley has seen first-hand that if you support your community, they will also support you. If you’re looking for advice on how to connect with your community, you’re in the right place! Read on below to learn what Hayley does in her hometown that can also work for you!

Organic Community Touches Make a Difference

Recognize Community VIPs

Every community has them: the people that keep the town running smoothly. Whether it’s firefighters, the police department, nurses, school teachers and administrators, paramedics and other first responders, and even linemen after a storm – Hayley recognizes and thanks them all. Every two or three months, she’ll host a different group. And what she does for them isn’t complicated, but it’s highly appreciated. For instance, she’ll either bring them dinner or invite them to have a coffee at a local business on her.

Spread the Word

Hayley promotes her community events on social media. However, news also spreads organically about her events because her social media followers share the information. After all, who doesn’t want to share the good news about a free coffee or a free meal that the town’s essential workers can take advantage of?

Hayley also ensures that the people she wants to support find out about these events straight from their organizations. For example, she’ll ask the school superintendent or the police chief to send out the event information directly so that the word gets spread from the top of the organization down.

And when the events occur, those in attendance often post about it on their own volition to show their appreciation. This goes a long way toward showing the community Hayley genuinely cares about them.

Share the Cost

Each local community touch runs Haley under $500. When it comes to budgeting for these local community events, Hayley teams up with a local insurance agent she respects. Not only does that lower her out of pocket expenses, but his company pays for half of his costs, lowering her costs even more.

Take her most expensive community event, for instance. She and her insurance agent partner host a holiday photo shoot for the town’s residents. The median income of the town is under $50,000, so not everyone has access to professional photos. In an effort to make professional photos more accessible to everyone, they both personally invite their top 5 clients, and then open the remaining of the 60 spots to the town residents. The event filled up within and cost less than $1500 in total split between Hayley, her insurance agent partner, and his company for an event that enticed the town to attend and included additional aspects for them to enjoy like a photo booth, food truck, and grand prize of 3rd row seats to a NFL Bears versus Lions game.

Make a Difference

It may surprise you that Hayley doesn’t consider herself especially outgoing or extroverted. However, when it comes down to it, your level of socialability shouldn’t impact your desire to help people. As Hayley has found, community support goes in both directions. Because people appreciate what she does to support her community, they look to support her as well. As a result, her business has flourished.

What can you do to make a difference in your community?

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