Innovative Outreach Tactics That Ensure Results

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The most important aspect of any lead generation technique is consistency. After all, time on the task over time produces long-term results. One of the best ways to ensure we can commit to using our key lead generation tactic day in and day out is to not mind doing it. That’s right. Pick lead generation tactics that you don’t try to avoid and actually enjoy.
Taley Hunt of Columbia, South Carolina and Bridget Tighe of Milwaukee, Wisconsin both employ very different lead generation techniques. However, both have been highly successful in growing their businesses in a short period of time by focusing on activities that fit their own individual personalities and styles. We’re going to dive into each of them below.
Taley Hunt’s Lead Generation Zeroes in on Her Online Community
When Taley Hunt began her career in real estate, she was a military spouse who had recently relocated to the area. To further complicate things, it was during the pandemic and she pregnant. These conditions made it quite difficult to meet people. However, Taley knew she would have to find away to build her business. Her answer was to focus solely on social media.
Taley first figured out the target audience she wanted to connect with. Targeting matters. After all, as Taley describes, if you’re talking to everyone online, you’re essentially talking to no one. She focused her attention on two main groups: military families and realtors. All of the content she posts targets these two groups.
And post, she does! Taley understands how important it is to be consistent with her strategy so she posts multiple times a week and sometimes even posts multiple times a day. Using mainly Instagram and Facebook, she documents her day online with the goal that every post contains something others can learn from, whether it’s a closing, new listing, or appointment she’s walking into. She also creates content showcasing even the simplest things she works on throughout the day. By giving her target audience a glimpse into a day in her life, she’s able to both stay top of mind and provide content that others find helpful.
Taley is also highly interactive on social media. When someone comments on one of her posts, she responds. She also replies and messages people regarding their own stories and posts, especially when it has to do with her target audience. Taley has found that in order to get others to engage with you, you need to engage with them first. Therefore, it’s important to not just share your own social media posts but take an active interest in what others are posting as well.
Bridget Tighe Focuses on Connecting with Her Community In-Person
Bridget’s approach to lead generation may be on the opposite side of the spectrum from Taley’s, but her in-person approach has also been highly effective. With three children under the age of five, Bridget decided that intentionality within her sphere was essential. Most of her business comes from her sphere so she dedicates all of her attention to the networks and relationships she already has. Bridget began making a concerted effort to have all of her activities take on a dual purpose for both work and fun, with attention toward being authentic and genuine.
When she started in real estate, Bridget made a list of everyone in her network that she thought could be interested in buying or selling. Then, she made it a point to align her work and life so that the activities she was naturally taking part in were with the people who may have housing needs. Whether she was hosing a playdate or attending a dinner, everything she does is with an eye toward staying in front of her sphere. Bridget understood that people want to do business with people that they like and trust. So, by creating deeper relationships with people in her life, she could show the people in her sphere that she was that person they could rely on.
As Bridget shared, her success comes down to paying attention to the needs of the people around her. She shows genuine care and kindness to the people in her network because she wants to, not because of the business it may result in. The business follows because she’s someone that people like to be around. People think of her first when they think of real estate not because she’s advertised it as such, but because her relationships result in people trusting her with their needs. Bridget understands that people love to know they are appreciated, so she rewards her biggest cheerleaders, advocates, and referrals.
Whether your lead generation strategy is entirely online, fully offline, or somewhere in the middle, keep in mind that no one thinks about your approach as much as you do. Don’t overthink your lead generation tactics. Stay consistent, be authentic, and always offer value. What lead generation sources have provided the best results for you?
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