Overcoming Overwhelm: Proven Strategies to Tackle 5 Pain Points of Your Business

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We hit the jackpot when two members of our community, Josie Ambroise and Carissa Mason, both who are passionate about leverage and systems, joined us to teach their class, Overcoming Overwhelm: Proven Strategies to Tackle 5 Pain Points of Your Business. As Josie is the Director of Operations and Marketing for the Valerie King Team and Carissa Mason is a broker at two brokerages and the owner of the Carissa Mason Team, it’s clear that these two professionals have a good grasp on how to keep the wheels turning at a high pace.

And through running the Real Estate Operations Institute, it’s evident that both Josie and Carissa love to problem solve and make peoples’ lives easier. In their session today, Josie and Carissa dove into the roadblocks that many of us see daily in both our professional and personal lives, and what we can do to help alleviate the pressure that comes with these potential issues. In other words, they helped us to pinpoint and overcome some key sources of overwhelm.

4 Common Roadblocks

1. Do you let your morning control you rather than you control your morning? Are you the person that wakes up ready to take on the day, but quickly finds yourself neck-deep in a crazy morning? Letting your morning spiral out of control can take many forms, whether it’s checking your messages before you get out of bed, letting your home surroundings stress you out, staring your work day before you’re officially “on the clock,” or getting distracted by trying to solve your co-workers’ problems. To address this issue, understand that your overall productivity can be impacted by how your overall vitality can be added to or drained by how you handle your mental, business, spiritual, physical, and emotional energy. All need your care and attention. Josie and Carissa both emphasize that you should honor your own internal clock and back your schedule into a plan so that your periods of highest productivity are accounted for. At the same time, it’s important to carve out time each time to plan your day, put good things into your mind and body, and focus positivity around your business.

2. Are you comparing your business and life to someone else’s? It’s not effective – or productive – to compare your “chapter one” to someone else’s “chapter 20”. In fact, you only see what others choose to share about their lives and businesses with you. So it’s not helpful to see how you match up to those around you. In fact, you should only compare and compete with yourself. To take control of your mindset, Josie and Carissa share that it’s essential to be intentional with your time and who you allow to have access to it. Keep your eye on your ultimate goal – and intentionally block out distractions. They recognize this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Therefore, ask for help. And while you’re at it, recognize that asking questions and seeking out fellow collaborators, mentors, or coaches isn’t a sign of weakness. Quite the contrary, you won’t get to where you want to be without the help of qualified people that can encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

3. Do you allow your emotions to take over? It happens to all of us: we feel anxious and we either drop the ball or things seem to fall out of place. After all, when we get out of whack, we can generally track it down to a gap or lapse occurring somewhere in our professional or personal life. To get back on track, Josie and Carissa advise us to fall in love with the concept of consistency. This is where systems and templates come into play. The simplest and quickest way exercise to start this process is what Josie calls a brain dump. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down everything that has to do with the topic that is causing you anxiety. Step away from it for a few minutes and then return to the list and organize it into a priority list. What are the most important things to get done on your list in order to start to alleviate your anxiety? This is the start of your system. When you have overwhelm coming in, grab a pen and paper and brain dump around the thing that is

4. Are you afraid to let go of responsibilities and projects? For many people, the idea of letting go of anything relating to their jobs can be a hard sell. After all, they don’t know what to let go of, the timing around when to let go, and how to even start training others to take on these responsibilities. However, if you are overwhelmed, a key way to overcome this feeling is to embrace the concept of leverage. But don’t panic, leverage doesn’t necessarily mean making a bunch of new hires you aren’t ready for. You can find helpful leverage not only through people, but also through systems, automation, and even communities. As Josie and Carissa emphasize, look at templates and systems as your friend. And if you do something more than once, you can simplify it for the future through creating easy-to-implement systems. For example, write email templates, make checklists, record video answers to frequently asked questions, create playbooks, layout calendars in advance, re-use surveys, and more.

What Josie and Carissa clearly show is that everything that we do within our days can be simplified by harnessing potential systems. And when we identify the pain points where we feel most overwhelmed, we can implement fixes that can prevent us from feeling stressed, anxious, and burnt out. Who wouldn’t want to alleviate these feelings through implementing simple systems? We know we do!

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