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What do we look for in the businesses we work with? If you took stock of the places you return to time and again, you’d probably find that you’re returning to them because you appreciate the authentic and genuine nature of the services they provide. Maybe they do nice things for people and so you like to bring business to them.

Cincinnati-area agent Flor de Maria McNally recognizes this and makes a point to do good things for her clients. And while she doesn’t provide these services with the goal of getting referrals or repeat business, more business tends to follow because people appreciate the generous services she’s known to provide. In fact, she averages one future closing for every housewarming party she throws for her buyers.

You could say that housewarming parties are Flor’s specialty.

What does this entail? Flor offers to throw a housewarming party – where she takes care of all of the details, food, drinks, and fun – for every single buyer that closes a transaction with her. And as 75% of her business is currently buyers, that’s a large number of parties she offers to throw. While not everyone takes her up on the offer – about 40% do – it’s a service that each and every customer knows is available to them. It’s a service to make them feel appreciated and celebrated as embark on the huge life event that is home ownerships.

Flor’s 7 Secrets to Hosting The Perfect Housewarming Party to Celebrate Your Buyers

1. Explain the housewarming party perk often.

The option to have a housewarming party thrown in their honor is mentioned at multiple points of the transaction and by multiple members of the team to buyers.

2. Provide easy-to-follow instructions on how buyers can set up their own housewarming party.

At closing, the buyer is put on a post-close Smart Plan and told to be on the lookout for an email that provides instructions and a link for them to set the date of their choice for the De Maria Team to host a housewarming party for them.

3. Set your stipulations up front.

While any buyer can have Flor’s team host a housewarming party for them, Flor ensures that the housewarming parties she hosts fit into her own work/life balance. To do this, she has certain conditions that must be met. For example, she only hosts one party per Saturday, she does not host any parties on Sundays, she requires a minimum of a 4-week lead time for planning purposes, and she requires a minimum of 11 “yes” RSVPs. As long as these requirements are abided by, the buyer can pick any day they’d like – as soon or as far out on the calendar as they wish.

4. Collect data on all invitees and add to your database.

Flor uses a Google Form so that all invited guests’ information can be captured. For instance, she collects their name, phone number, address, email address, and birthday. She then uses all of this information in order to ensure the guests receive a paper invitation via the mail, an email invitation, and finally, a texted reminder about the event on the day-of the party.

5. Use the same repeatable format for every party.

When she first started hosting housewarming parties for her buyers, Flor compared them to children’s birthday parties, all which have a standard format to them. Kids gather, they mingle, have cake and activities, and then head home. She then designed each housewarming party to follow a similar flow. In setting a standard format to each housewarming she holds, she’s able to make the experience systematic and repeatable, which means it’s easier to execute and there are fewer surprises for her team.

6. Don’t make the party about referrals.

One of the reasons this event is so beloved by Flor’s clients is that it’s about them, not about her. While she collects the information of all the guests who attend the parties, she does not use the event to hunt for referrals. In fact, if an attendee approaches her at the party with an inevitable question about real estate, she simply asks for their name and tells them she will follow-up with them on Monday about their question to ensure the party’s focus remains on celebrating the homeowners.

7. Remind them of the housewarming party fun.

The relationship doesn’t end as the last housewarming guest walks out the door. The after-party follow-up is key. Flor makes sure that everyone has something tangible to remember the fun. For example, she puts the group photo they take at the party into a frame and provides it as a souvenir to the new homeowners. Then, she sends a recap of the party that her videographer puts together with all the guests.

Flor believes her success in the real estate industry is due, in part, to being genuinely kind to people. As she shared, when you do nice things for people with the intention of the heart rather than chasing business, business will follow. What do you do in your business to serve your relationships well?

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