Sarah Maslowski Closed $32M from YouTube Last Year with These Best Practices

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At almost six years into her real estate career, Sarah Maslowski has built an impressive business. Three years ago, Buford, Georgia agent knew she wanted to focus on one pillar of lead generation. She tried to incorporate video into her business before, and while she was admittedly inconsistent in doing so, she didn’t have a whole lot of luck with it. This time, her focus on YouTube was different. And it’s become a major long-term lead generation source, enabling her to help 60 families last year alone just from YouTube to the tune of $32 million in volume and approximately $800,000 in GCI. In fact, between 80-85% of her business now comes from YouTube.

Sarah committed to posting weekly for 90 days. To succeed at lead generating via YouTube, she found other agents who were also succeeding and studied what they did. Her big takeaway? This is a long-term play. Business won’t come from YouTube right away. But if you are strategic around the content you create and how you follow-up with the leads, your pipeline will grow.

If you’re also looking to make YouTube a part of your long-term lead generation strategy, read on for the best practices that have helped Sarah grow this portion of her business while keeping her video output the same.

1. Post content that is of interest to people. When people come to YouTube, they are not coming to view listings. More likely, they’re coming to find out information about your town. So, give them what they want.

2. Don’t underestimate the importance of a thumbnail. Think of a video thumbnail as the equivalent to a book cover. You have a split second for someone to see it and be attracted to what they see. Have an engaging title for the video. But in the thumbnail, there’s no need to repeat the title. Use the space to be animated and fun.

3. Be consistent. Follow the same posting strategy for at least 90 days. Don’t get discouraged. Results come from consistent action, even if they are gradual.

4. Commit to posting a video each week. If you aren’t prepared to post weekly in YouTube, this may not be the right lead generation lever for your business. The ideal video length on YouTube is between 8-10 minutes long as their algorithm rewards minutes watched versus percentage watched. In other words, make longer videos and use the time to fully explain each topic you cover! Your viewers will thank you.

5. Don’t just be a talking head. When you are covering the topics that people want to learn about, whether it’s local parks, restaurants, or neighborhoods, you should ensure that you include video footage or scenery photos. A good rule of thumb is to mix up the footage after about 15 seconds so that the video isn’t just of you the entire time. It doesn’t have to be Academy Award worthy footage. iPhone content is okay. Perfection isn’t necessary.

6. Know your editing prowess. As we said, perfection is overrated. That being said, it’s important to know your limits when it comes to video editing. You are in the real estate business, so don’t let the editing of YouTube videos take up all your time. Whether it’s a professional editor or a teenager with first-hand experience, Sarah recommends hiring someone to help.

7. Have realistic expectations around YouTube leads. When it comes to potential YouTube leads it is important to recognize that the people who watch your videos aren’t just watching one, they are likely watching many. And they may be lurking on your YouTube channel to learn about the topics that interest them for quite a while. These people will likely fall into one of three categories of leads: hot – those who have a time and event dictating their move, warm – those who have no specific time or event but like your town and plan to move there, cold – those who are considering moving to your neck of the woods, but aren’t sure and don’t have a timeframe in mind.

8. Treat all your leads like they belong in your pipeline. Wherever the people who find you on YouTube may be on the spectrum of leads from hot to cold, they all need to be treated as important members of your pipeline. Have a follow-up plan for each so that you can move them along on a potential home buying journey with you.


Remember, YouTube, like many other lead generation strategies won’t change your business overnight. It is a long-term play for building your pipeline. And it isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy. There are many different types of agents and a variety of personalities that succeed using YouTube. Each attracts their own viewership. People who are drawn to what you have to offer are the ones who will reach out to do business with you. So be genuine, be authentic, and show who you are in your YouTube videos. And with time, the results will show.

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