The 4 Things Montaz McCray Did to Sell $25M This Year

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Washington, D.C-area agent Montaz McCray may only be completing his third year in real estate, but as he’s on track to become $25 million producer by year-end, he’s learned a thing or two about building a successful business during his tenure. Unlike his previous corporate job, Montaz was attracted to real estate because of the opportunity to help people and the ability to really see the fruits of his labor. And one thing he’s certain about is that despite the inconsistency of the market we’re experiencing, he’s found that consistent actions provide consistent results over time. In fact, in his quest to sustain the level of success he’s built over his time in the business, Montaz has pinpointed 4 key things he does day in and day out to ensure the work he puts in now pays off down the road.

Montaz’s 4 Key Business Building and Sustaining Activities

1. Starts his day with a plan and a system.

Every day by 9am, Montaz is at his desk and checking emails in preparation for the day ahead. He then spends time meeting with the people that help to push his business forward, such as his cyber backer, transaction coordinator, and operations manager. He’s found that it’s important to touch base frequently to ensure that everyone knows what’s going on with every transaction on file so no details fall through the cracks. As he shared, through this daily meeting, he ensures that the four people who are monitoring and emersed in every transaction help to maintain his moat around client service.

2. Know what his team is doing.

As Montaz has grown his team, he’s found that it’s essential to take the time to know what his teammates are doing. Guesswork doesn’t have a place in a sustainable business. By touching base frequently, he’s found that it quells his anxiety that things stay on track and sets both the direction and pace for the remainder of the day.

3. Lead generate consistently.

Montaz is the first to remind us that having deals right now is great, but he needs to focus on what he should be doing to ensure he has business down the road. For that reason, he works daily at getting the next 30, 60, and 90 days of business into his pipeline. After all, he knows that a person who he meets today may turn into business several months down the road, so he takes the time to cultivate meaningful relationships. Montaz has found that his most successful lead generation occurs around doing things that are fun and natural for him. For instance, he enjoys working out and attending networking events, so he does both and aims to create genuine and great relationships in these places. Perhaps the simplest way he establishes these relationships? By simply doing everything he can do to be a good person to others.

4. Ensure he’s providing stellar client care.

Because he knows that chasing business doesn’t result in long-term success, Montaz abides by the mantra, “clients over commission.” For him, this means putting their needs first. For instance, if a client has their heart set on a home where the monthly payment is higher than they originally indicated they’d be comfortable with, Montaz walks them through the pros and cons of the decision. He also makes a point to touch base with the people in his sphere to find out what they are interested in accomplishing – whether it be related to real estate or something entirely different – and then does whatever he can do to help them achieve their goal. Montaz has helped his database with everything from helping to establish mentor relationships, find job opportunities, and connect them with home repair vendors. By linking his clients with the things that they need, he’s proven he’s a valuable asset for them to have in their corner.

Through each of these key activities Montaz does every day, he shows us how taking the time to map out a plan for keeping his current transactions on schedule while systematically ensuring the client care he provides at each and every position in his lead pipeline is top notch keeps his business on track for sustainable success. What can you incorporate into your business to make sure your current activities pave the way for future growth?

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