The 5 Secrets of High Producing Agents with ADHD That Can Improve Anyone’s Business

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Mental health is something we should all be paying attention to. After all, our mental well-being can impact every facet of our lives. As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to give it the respect and consideration it deserves. To this end, we are thrilled that MAPS and ADHD coach Tyler Elstrom spent some time discussing his experiences as a neurodivergent individual as well as his time spent coaching others who face similar experiences. And considering he’s conducted over 9,000 individual coaching calls to-date, it’s safe to say Tyler is experienced on the topic.

As Tyler shared, ADHD is actually quite common in the real estate industry. In fact, some findings suggest that as many as half of the people in the industry have ADHD. And it may surprise some, but ADHD shows up differently from person-to-person. Where some may have difficulty focusing, others may experience symptoms such as anxiety and even depression as a result.

He’s talked to top agents with ADHD and studied that patterns that connect them. And through his interactions and coaching, Tyler has found five commonalities across these high producing agents making $1 million or more in gross commission income (GCI). He calls these common themes GIFTS. While these GIFTS specifically relate to agents with ADHD, anyone can benefit from embracing these common traits in order to improve their approach to business.

G: Get systems in place that are ADHD-friendly

The systems you use don’t have to be complicated. And they don’t have to be exactly the same as the person to you. In fact, it’s perfectly okay to change a system so that it works better for you. One key suggestion? When an idea pops up in your brain – and they always do – jot it down and put it aside so that you don’t get sidetracked by it (Tyler refers to it as putting things in a parking lot).

I: Internalize ADHD as a benefit

Understand what you are good at. Then, when you know where your strengths fall, you can better design your role around these areas.

F: Focus on lead generation connected to your passions

The best type of lead generation is the type of lead generation that you enjoy doing. Therefore, choose what resonates with you. Whether it’s a behavior, a hobby, or a cause you like to do, focus on this as your niche. For example, maybe you like to mountain bike. If so, meet people and build relationships through the mountain biking community.

T: Time block for the ADHD brain

As Tyler explains, time blocking can look different for everyone. For many with ADHD (and many without it as well), structure is key. However, freedom within the structure is also key. So, play with your schedule to give yourself free time. You don’t want to have so much structure that your brain rebels against it. And remember, as long as you do the activities you are time blocking for, you can do it in the order that works for you.

S: Surround yourself with the right leverage

Using leverage and systems are necessary accommodations for all of us, especially those of us with ADHD. After all, having the right help will help you to focus on what matters so that you can get into your own genius zone. This means finding people who complement your skill set. What works as leverage for your office mate may not be the same type of leverage that benefits you.

Remember, these techniques aren’t specific to the ADHD brain. After all, while someone with ADHD may experience some of these intricacies all the time, those without ADHD can still experience ADHD-specific behaviors similar to those we’ve discussed above on occasion. So utilize the techniques laid out above in order to help you to excel in your own approach to business.

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