The Grit Behind Kimberly Lozano’s 30 Under 30 Nomination

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We love when people in our community get recognized for their hard work and success in real estate. Today, we celebrate Kimberly Lozano Lupa’s nomination as one of Realtor Magazine’s 30 Under 30 finalists.

After getting her license in 2019, Kimberly admittedly had a slow start. Her first year consisted of two transactions: a rental and a buyer sale. So, as she shared with us, she had a lot of free time on her hands. However, she put this time to good use in building a foundation for her career and her self-confidence via her dedication to learning as much as she could. She compared her attitude to that of when she played softball in school – and she wouldn’t allow herself to be absent or miss a day of practice. That same work ethic held in real estate too: she was committed to putting her available time toward learning and implementing the systems proven to help agents succeed.

And succeed she did! She started capping after her first year and never looked back.

What did she do?

For starters, she joined communities of like-minded agents. Every day, she got onto the morning Pivot: Shift Ahead call and would follow it up with mastermind sessions with other agents. She put her head down, put in the time and effort, and was committed to learning. Kimberly immediately paired up with a coach: first a productivity coach, and when her business grew, she graduated to breakthrough coaching and finally MAPS coaching.

Kimberly recognizes at every stage of business that the real estate industry can be tough – so she emphasizes the importance of mindset. For instance, she journals frequently and makes a point to spin negativity into a positive light. Kim credits the ability to refer back to the positivity she’s written down as a factor in her success. She also practices daily affirmations to keep her headspace in the right place.

She made a commitment to growing her database. This was a smart move, as her database is a top lead source for her business. When she first became an agent, Kimberly went through her phone and found she had 300 contacts in it. This was her starting point. She added each of these people to her database and began reaching out to them. Since then, Kim has grown her database to approximately 1,300 people, mainly through the events that she hosts to build connection and community with those around her.

And speaking of events, Kimberly worked with her coach to come up with a plan where she can be in front of people on both a micro and macro level. Through hosting events, she is then able to initiate between 10 and 15 touches around the event itself. As Kimberly shares, it’s not about the event itself, it’s about the invitation. And the invitation goes a long way toward connecting with potential clients.

Most recently, Kim credits her business growth to the leverage she’s begun to invest in. When she first started in real estate, Kim thought she could do it all. However, she learned this is not quite the case. Six months ago, Kim decided to hire a virtual assistant, a move that has helped her to get organized, increase her efficiency, and delegate non-dollar productive activities. For instance, her virtual assistant has helped her to put plans into action such as starting a monthly newsletter, making consistent weekly social media posts, and hosting monthly client events. As she shared, if she could go back in time, she would have brought her virtual assistant into her world sooner!

Kimberly Lozano has learned a lot about growing a successful business in the short time she’s been in real estate. Vote for her in Realtor Magazine’s 30 Under 30 and help her to cement her place among other growth-minded agents in this list!

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