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I always get excited when we bring speakers to the Pivot community who can influence your businesses for the better. Brittany Hodak – author, speaker, entrepreneur (and Shark Tank extraordinaire!) – is one of these people.
Brittany’s self-described obsession is teaching people how to create superfans for their businesses. In other words, she wants to show you how to differentiate yourself in a way that inspires your customers to go out and spread the good word about your business to their friends.
And she wrote a book on the subject.
Called , Brittany’s book explains her framework for impressing a customer so much that they can’t wait to have another experience with you and share it with their friends. Based on a couple of decades of experience, her model shows us how to change from being a commodity provider of services to a category leader – or even a category of one – in real estate.
We talk a lot about the importance of having and using a database in the Pivot: Shift Ahead group. After all, it’s essential for succeeding in real estate. What Brittany reinforced is the idea that growing your business through the people in your database is easier when they like doing business with you and want to share you with the people in their lives. She spells out how to do this with her SUPER Model.
If you missed our talk, don’t fret! Click below to watch it now. For a quick recap on implementing Brittany’s framework in your own businesses, read on below.
The SUPER Model
Each letter of the SUPER Model is an acronym that encapsulates all the things you should keep in mind if you want to create superfans.
S: Start With Your story
What’s your “Why?” No surprise, this is an important driving factor for most of us. But maybe you didn’t realize that your “why” should relate to every action you take in your business. Brittany refers to this part of the process as understanding your origin story. In other words, figure out what happened in your past to influence your career now. This is your story, and it’s uniquely yours. When you are clear about what makes you different, you’ll be better able to stand out from everyone else. In sharing this with your database, you can not only show why you’re passionate about real estate, but you can do it in a way that resonates with your customers because it’s authentic.
This step is essential in creating superfans. After all, if you can’t describe what makes you the best at what you do, how will others be able to share your value with their network? As Brittany told us, your story should set you apart.
U: Understand Your Customer’s Story
Once you get clear on your own story, it’s time to get clear on the stories of your customers. Find out what drives them. Then, use what you’ve learned to bring empathy and understanding to your interactions with them. After showing your clients that you genuinely care about them, you can show how your own story provides you with the authority to deliver on their needs.
P: Personalize
At this stage of Brittany’s framework, your story and your customers’ stories intersect. And when you’ve taken the time to understand both, you can customize your approach to best suit your clients. This is where superfans are born.
We all know that not everyone wants the same thing out of a transaction. So when you personalize a customer’s interactions with you, you’re making sure that the real estate journey that they are on is the exact one they were looking for.
Find out your customers’ personal preferences by asking questions such as “How do you like to get your information?”, “How do you prefer me to contact you?”, or “How should I keep you updated?” After all, when customers feel like you understand their needs and deliver on them, it makes their experience better and they’ll want to share it with others. In a relationship-driven business like real estate, this is key.
E: Exceed Expectations
The best way to exceed a client’s expectations is to know as much as you can about them. Then apply the knowledge to your interactions with them to improve their lives through your business. Brittany suggests doing this by finding out what makes them happy and then going above and beyond when delivering on these must-haves and must-dos. To create superfans, we need to validate our clients’ needs. When you leave people better off than when you found them, they will use your services again (repeat clients!) and tell their friends about you (referrals!).
R: Repeat
This part of Brittany’s SUPER Model focuses on the notion that customers can sometimes adopt a “what have you done for me lately” attitude. As we all know, customer service is not a set-it-and-forget-it part of our business. It always deserves our attention. So Brittany believes we can leverages technology and systems to automatize parts of our business so that we can spend more time focusing on the aspects of our customer service that set us apart from the crowd.
The SUPER Model Delivers SUPER Experiences For Your Clients
Remember, it’s the totality of the experience your clients have with you that will differentiate you from everyone else. Every phone call, every text, every interaction. It all matters. So when you’re applying the SUPER Model to your business, think about how you can make your customers feel special (and ask them what you can do that will make an impact on them!) and then deliver on that.
Above all, knowing and sharing what makes you special can help give customers the tools they need to move away from making a commodity-based decision when it comes to working with you. You aren’t the average real estate agent. You’re different and you’ve shown them why. When you’ve done that, you’ve created a superfan.
Have you started using the SUPER Model framework in your business yet? Share what you’ve done on the Pivot: Shift Ahead Facebook page ! Inspire Collective members, don’t forget that Brittany is taking you in-depth through each part of her SUPER Model framework in special sessions over the next few months and is providing you a free digital copy of her book!
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