Vision Boards: The Feel-Good Event Your Sphere will Love

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Hosting an event can be a great reason to get in touch with your database and an even better way to get face-to-face with people and forge relationships. And you don’t have to host the town carnival to make an impact. In fact, sometimes the smaller, more intimate events can go even further than large blow-out gatherings in making a difference in the lives of people within your sphere.

Marietta, Georgia-area agent and Productivity Coach Authurine Johnson has experienced this first-hand. Relationships are important to her – and she’s found that she makes a huge impact on a smaller scale through hosting annual vision board events.

This is an event that Authurine – and her guests – look forward to every year since she began hosting them. She went to her first vision board event in 2014 and was thrilled with how it created a space where people could talk about their dreams and ambitions in a low-stress environment. She loved the idea so much that she was determined to bring this type of event to her own sphere. Authurine hosted her first vision board event the very next year – with 8 people in attendance in her home – and never stopped. Although the event has grown over the years, she’s never deviated from her desire to help others narrow down their goals through creating vision boards together.

What is a vision board?

A vision board isn’t meant to be complicated. Rather, it’s a place to dream about your goals and put them to paper in a fun way. As Authurine explains, she finds the idea superior to setting resolutions which all too often, are quickly broken and forgotten about. A vision board, on the other hand, helps people to clarify what they’d like to achieve in the year ahead.

Authurine teaches her event attendees to divide up their vision board into four quadrants relating to their spiritual goals, family goals, business goals, and self-related goals. Then, each of the quadrants can be filled in with what the attendee hopes to achieve in the year ahead. While many people think of a vision board event as something to be hosted at the beginning of a new year, when it comes down to it, there’s no wrong time to host it. After all, any time is the perfect time to help people to lay out their vision and goals for the year ahead.

Keep your costs low

Authurine shares that vision board events are very cost-effective ways to entertain your sphere. She’s hosted them in both her home and in the training room of her office when the size of the group outgrew her home – both of which were low-or-no cost venues. She supplies the poster board, glue, scissors, magazines, and various accoutrements to make add pizzazz to the boards created. Then, while it’s possible to provide snacks and trays of food for the guests, she’s found that they love to chip in and provide a dish so that the event takes on a pot-luck style feel. Talk about a win-win for keeping expenses low!

To keep costs even lower, she saves magazines from year-to-year – and suggests that you can ask your guests to bring old magazines as well.

The logistics for a great vision board event:

The most important aspect of a successful vision board event is to plan it with enough lead time to reach out to your database with multiple touches and build excitement for the gathering. Authurine suggests starting about 6 weeks ahead of time with a save the date. Sometimes she suggests that the people she’s inviting also “invite a friend” and then requests the contact information of the friend to include on the touches. She follows up the save the date with a formal Evite invitation sent via email or text message. Because this type of invitation requires the recipient to respond, it provides her with a reason to follow-up a couple more times prior to the event: to check on the status of the invitee’s RSVP and to confirm those who say they are attending are, in fact, still planning to go.

The day-of the event, she displays prior years’ vision boards as directionals to the room where her event is being held as well as examples around the room for others to glean inspiration from. Authurine’s two requests? First, that attendees share the vision board they’ve created with the room before they leave in order to give strength to their board and their vision. Second, that they commit to not putting the board in a corner of their home, tucked out of view. The more often see the vision board, the more likely they are to remember why the goals they’ve put to paper are important to them.

Any day of the month, any time of the year, a vision board event is a heartfelt and genuine way to touch your database. As Authurine shared, people look forward to the event she hosts every year. She attributes the excitement to the environment she’s created: one where they can be inspired to dream about what they want to accomplish in their personal and professional lives!

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