How to Win the Day By Noon 

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Building a successful business requires intentionality. Rodney Maison of Atlanta, Georgia, knows this from first-hand experience. Since becoming an agent less than four years ago, Rodney has grown an almost $10 million business by getting focused on the activities that bring him the greatest results.
What has he learned?
When you take care of the important things first, you can have a highly productive morning. And even better, you can take your weekends and evenings back. As Rodney taught us in his class, by being focused on productive activities first, he is done with the must-dos of his day by noon. To ensure success in these areas, he uses tools like the GPS and 4-1-1. These tools allow him to keep track of what he needs to get done in the day, the week, and month ahead to achieve his priorities and goals for the year.
A portion of Rodney’s success comes down to mastering the concept of time blocking. After all, Rodney has made an appointment with himself for each part of his morning in order to accomplish the things that contribute most to his business success. Read on below for the time blocks that Rodney has built his business around.
1. Getting his mindset in check
First, are the tasks that he does every morning when he gets ready for the day: gratitude, prayers, positive affirmations, and meditating or working out. These four early-morning activities ensure that he’s in the right headspace to tackle on the day ahead.
2. Being accountable for completing necessary activities
Rodney makes a point to join specific mastermind and training sessions each morning. He uses these groups as his own personal accountability for the practice he needs to continue to improve his skills. Whether it’s the Pivot: Shift Ahead daily mastermind call, script practice or other training, Rodney knows that being in the room with others with similar goals helps him to commit to growing his business each and every day.
3. Having a plan in place for each day
From 9 to 10 each morning, Rodney follows a system to prep his day in the office. As Rodney shared, anything that he does more than one time requires a system – so he keeps track of the processes he uses and tweaks them as necessary when improvements are necessary. When it comes to the first hour in the office, he is highly regimented. First, he allocates time to respond to client messages that have popped up from the day before. He also puts aside time during this period for the small tasks that he needs to get done before the day gets into full swing. Also key is dedicating time to prepare a plan for what he expects his cyberbacker to accomplish for the day.
4. Lead generating daily
Like we’ve mentioned time and again, lead generation is an essential part of an agent’s day. Rodney recognizes this and embraces lead generation daily. He knows exactly who he needs to contact to start his lead generation time because he tracks follow-up details in both his calendar and Command. Once he’s completed his follow-ups, he reaches out to those people on his DTD2 list. Rodney also knows what type of conversation he needs to have with his contacts because of the detailed notes he’s made previously and because he utilizes a client call sheet to fill in the blanks he needs to learn. Finally, he checks in on social media and circle prospects.
It’s clearly evident that Rodney is highly systematized in his morning routine. Each time block helps put his business on a path for success by helping him stay motivated, accountable, and on track to achieve his goals. In following this approach each day, Rodney is able to accomplish the bulk of his important tasks on the front end of his day so that the afternoons can be spent on appointments and working on his business. What do you do that sets your days up for success?
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