Agent to Agent Referrals: Being Intentional About Giving and Receiving Referrals

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When we get intentional about particular aspects of our business, amazing things can happen. Just ask Colorado Springs, Colorado’s Tulio Peña. Tulio decided to get serious about agent-to-agent referrals about 14 months ago and since making that decision, this category of business has grown to account for about 13% of his business.
Lucky for us, Tulio shared his knowledge on the subject when he taught the group his class, Agent to Agent Referrals – Being Intentional About Giving and Receiving Referrals. In it, he takes us through the 6 key systems for growing these aspects of our business. We’ll take you through them below.
1. Be Intentional with your networking events
Whether they are in-person or online, events provide so many opportunities to meet people and deepen your relationships with people you don’t know well. To work events to their fullest potential, set a quantifiable goal around the number of people you plan to meet. Then track it.
When in person, it’s possible to meet people anywhere from walking to a class, meals, or even standing in line. And none of these interactions require a complicated script. Simply be prepared with your business card and an introduction like, “I don’t think we’ve met yet. I’m Tulio from Colorado. Where are you from?” Then, plan to spend some time getting to know them.
At online events, Tulio suggests a couple of key moves for meeting people. First, add your location after your name on Zoom so people can see where you’re from. Next, make sure you keep your camera on. After all, it’s easier for people to develop a rapport with you when they can see you.
No matter what type of event you meet people at, it’s essential that you have a follow-up plan in place for when the event is over. For instance, tag them in Command with information surrounding when and where you met them and include any information in the notes you might need to remember. Then, make sure they are on a touch campaign throughout the year so you stay top of mind.
2. Nurture your one-on-one relationships with agents
In order to establish a closer relationship with agents in other areas, seek them out on social media. Follow what they are up to and applaud their successes. After all, genuinely being happy for others goes a long way. Then, learn about what they do in their businesses that help them to succeed. If and when you’re intrigued by something they do, ask questions about it and find out details. Chances are, they’ll be thrilled you’ve taken an interest in them and be happy to share this kind of information with you.
When referrals come your way from other agents, be sure to acknowledge and reward the behavior. Not every referral will close – and remember, it’s not the transaction itself that matters when it comes to relationship building. It’s important to appreciate the actions that led to the referral, more so than the outcome of the referral itself.
3. Leverage your membership in referral groups
Many referral groups exist. In fact, Tulio mentioned almost three dozen referral groups that currently exist on Facebook. His recommendation? Join as many referral groups you can. However, keep in mind that referrals from these groups are not easy to obtain. Therefore, it’s important to be the agent that tries the hardest to win the business. This entails being willing to use several different methods of getting in touch with the possible referral to introduce yourself. Whether you’re sending a text, getting on the phone, or recording a video introduction, be open to reaching out quickly and then following up several days in a row. Like in all aspects of your business, the follow up matters.
Even after all the work you put in to obtain a referral from one of these groups, it’s possible that it will go to someone else. If they’ve already picked someone, ask to be the second referral agent in line. Therefore, if something goes awry with the initial referral, it’s possible for you to still earn the business.
4. Learn migration patterns to maximize your efforts
One of the smartest ways to focus your efforts with inbound and outbound referral agents is to learn the geographic trends of your area. For instance, learn about the different areas that people from your town move to as well as the different parts of the country that tend to relocate to your area. Then, get to know fellow agents in these destinations.
Need help figuring out the migration patterns of your area? Tulio uses ChatGPT to help pinpoint the locations he needs to focus on.
5. Continuity of care is great customer service
The term “continuity of care” is often used in the medical field. However, as Tulio says, it’s just as important in real estate to ensure that you can provide seamless service to your clients, no matter the location.
Tulio prides himself on proactively providing his clients with introductions to great agents when they relocate outside of his area. In fact, he sees it as part of the services he provides. Then, when Tulio provides an outbound referral to an agent, he provides as much detail as possible about the potential client to ease their transition to the new area. For example, he provides information such as his existing relationship with them, their timeline, motivation, if they are buying and selling, and who the decision maker is.
To make sure the client is well taken care of in their new location, Tulio takes the time to interview potential referral agents and requires them to share regular updates with him. He doesn’t treat the interactions lightly. After all, he wants to ensure the referral would have the same positive experience that he would provide to them.
6. Prepare a plan to execute the referral – Outbound & Inbound
Whether you’ve received or given a referral, it’s important to have a plan to see it through from beginning to end. For instance, Tulio uses 3-way text to introduce a client to a referral agent. Whether he’s the middleman or the agent who has received the referral, 3-way text can help keep everyone informed and satisfied.
At the end of a successful transaction, Tulio believes it’s important to celebrate it with the outbound or inbound referral agent. One way to do this is to publicly praise the agent. By sharing their successful work relationship and transaction with others, Tulio believes he not only honors the referral agent but strengthens the relationship as well.
Inbound and outbound referral business can be a great source of business. However, it’s important to remember that it takes time to earn the trust and respect of others. By intentionally taking the time to connect with and help others, you’ll help your business grow over time as well. What has helped you to earn referral business?
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