Advance 2024

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RISE - Raleigh, NC

RISE - Wilmington, NC

Advance 2024

Each year comes with it’s own successes and challenges. Are you using those lessons to help you or are you repeating the same pattern year after year? Now is the time for you to push through and take your business and life to the next level. Now is the time for you to Advance!

What we’ll cover:

  • Gain clarity around the mission and purpose of your business.
  • Unlock your unique value proposition.
  • Set strategic goals for an evolving market.
  • Connect your goals to your mission and purpose.
  • Learn how to stand out and stand strong in any market.

Advance is two events in one. The Standard Advance Ticket includes a full business planning day on November 11, 2024.

Inspire Collective Members are invited to stay for an exclusive bonus second day event on November 12 with masterminds, workshops and a keynote speaker.


RISE – WIlmington, NC

Come join us for an exciting event w/ James Shaw will share insights on real estate. The market is changing, and it’s time for you to RISE!

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