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Real estate is an industry where we can get caught up in the stress of achievement. After all, our objectives are very clear – we know we want to take as many listings, close as many transactions, and earn as much commission as possible. Each goal can have almost an addictive quality, as we accomplish more, we want to achieve more as well.
But life should be about more than getting up and going hard each day.
Brad Stulberg, author of The Practice of Groundedness, joined us to discuss the perspective we need to avoid both physical and emotional burnout as well as achieve success. As a researcher, writer, and coach, Brad is an expert on the techniques we should use to enjoy and sustain our careers over the long-term. Rather than burning bright for the short-term we need to learn how to burn for duration of our lives. It comes down to having a different way of working.
1. Understand the importance of consistency
When it comes to our approach to success, Brad touts the concept of consistency over intensity. In other words, stop thinking that you need to “crush it” every day. Attempting to always achieve maximum intensity is not sustainable. Instead, we’re more likely to lose motivation because we can’t get into a consistent rhythm.
However, when we create a pattern of steady action where we are doing the right thing more days than we don’t, we start to see progress toward our goals. In other words, we need to figure out what our process is day in and day out. The consistency that comes from small regular steps in the right direction will compound into bigger gains and results over the long-term.
Like in all careers, there is a time and a place to focus on intensity in real estate. Maybe it’s mid-month and you are falling short of your goals. A blast of intensity for a small period of time can help you to accomplish what you set out to do. But keep in mind that this is the exception and not the rule. The best performers develop a steady base by doing the things that matter each and every day.
2. Establish a strong foundation
To keep your progress moving, focus on the basics. When you accomplish the simple things that push your goals forward each and every day, you’re more likely to experience success. All too often, people go after the big and hard tasks because it feels good – and empowering – in the short-term. But as Brad reminds us, super rigid and overly intense plans are rarely sustainable. If something keeps you away from completing the difficult task one day, it can be hard to get back on track.
On the other hand, when you determine the simple routines that can bring you the most success and stick with them, each day you can push a little closer to achieving your goal. Whether it’s reaching out to your database daily or constantly practicing how to overcome the objections you hear from potential clients, showing up and doing the small activities that matter help you to build a solid foundation for your business that will help you accomplish more over the course of your career.
3. Be grounded in our approach to success
It’s important to recognize that when Brad refers to “groundedness,” it’s not at the expense of striving for goals. Goals are important for all of us. However, when we are grounded in the pursuit of our goals, we are recognizing the importance of the process itself. It’s really easy to get caught up in the ultimate achievement of the goal and lose sight of the journey we are on to accomplish it. We must find joy in our ascent toward the goal.
Like Brad suggests, we must take the time to define what we love about the work itself. To be successful for the long-term, our motivation can’t only come from the end goal. It has to come from the process itself. By understanding where our happiness comes from when we are striving for a goal, we can better maintain the bright light within us for the duration of our career and get rid of our push for short-term success.
Remember, success is about consistency. When you have built a solid foundation, pinpoint the process that brings you the most success, and know the metrics you must accomplish along the way, you’re best set up for success over the course of your career. When you reflect on your process, what have you found brings you the most joy and achievement?
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