4 Tips For Keeping Your Mindset In Check

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There is little question that the market has been a bit different over the past year. And when things aren’t as we expect or hope them to be, our mindset can get a little….off. However, there is a path to seeing opportunity in the challenges we face. After all, don’t all successful businesses hit frustrations along the way? Luckily for us, Keller Williams’ Master Faculty and Seattle-area agent Rebecca Del Pozo shared her advice for doing just that on our recent sit-down. Read on to see Rebecca’s tips for keeping your mindset in check.

Keep your Mindset in Check with These 4 Tips

1. Focus on what you can control

In every business’s season, there are things that we can control and things we cannot control. And no matter how challenging a market may seem at times, there is always business to be had. Moving our business forward from a place of resistance comes down to concentrating on what is within our power to influence. People not wanting to move? Outside of our control. Buyers and sellers’ concerns about the market and interest rates? These are objections that we can overcome because we can address them.

Rebecca suggests a simple trick for how we can keep our mindset in check. Come up with a title to describe yourself in a way that takes real estate out of the title. By doing this, you can talk about your knowledge surrounding real estate and wealth building but in a way that feels less intimidating. After all, you are an expert. Show your expertise!

2. Acknowledge your limiting beliefs to reset your attitude

We all have limiting beliefs. There are times when we feel that we’re up against the impossible. But knowing this gives us the power to work through them. Start by identifying what your limiting beliefs are. Then, reframe what you’re experiencing. Repeat after us: “This isn’t a setback. It’s a setup. It’s a reset.” When you see your challenges for the opportunities that they can provide, you can often see a different course for traversing them.

Another way to handle your limiting beliefs is to think about a person who has a similar story to yours and got through a difficult time. How would you describe them? Talk to yourself in the way you talk about this person and recognize that you too, can succeed like they did.

3. Surround yourself with people who are a positive influence on you

There are times when all of us may feel stuck. When this happens, it’s important not to isolate yourself. Instead, make sure you surround yourself with people like-minded people. For instance, find a group or a community that can help you. By doing this, you can see first-hand that you are not alone in your feelings or experiences. Pivot: Shift Ahead is a group that grew out of a collective need for support in the real estate industry during the pandemic and grew into an encouraging and loyal community far beyond

the pandemic years. If you’re reading this interview, you likely know it. Who you surround yourself with matters.

4. Give what you hope to receive

If you include others in your ride – the benefit is twofold. For starters, you are likely to gain more accountability from doing so. After all, when you bring someone into your world and let them know what you’re planning to do, you’re more likely to follow-through on your plans. Paying it forward, or helping others in a way that you also wish to be helped, is good for both the giver and the receiver. Not only are you helping someone, but you will probably feel pretty good for doing so. That’s a win-win.

Sure, the current market isn’t an easy one. But when we take the time to ensure our mindset stays in check, we can see the opportunities that surround us.

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