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Nashville’s Emily Peckham is the real deal when it comes to knowing how to communicate and align with For Sale By Owners. After all, in her first four years in the business, she sold over 140 FSBO homes. As a result of working with this segment of the market, she’s had many ahas. And lucky for us, she recently spent an hour taking us through the basics of how to reach out and make a connection with FSBOs in our own areas.

It’s tough out there in the market. And rumor has it that this difficult market isn’t going away any time soon. This is where FSBOs come into play. As Emily has experienced first-hand, it’s a portion of the market worth targeting. Why? They don’t require much money to pursue and they are easy to identify. And – perhaps most importantly – we know that they are motivated to sell.

Yes, reaching out to owners that seem adamant about selling their homes themselves can be intimidating. But what these homeowners often don’t realize is how much money and exposure to potential buyers they are leaving on the table when they try to sell their homes themselves. All too often, they waste valuable time and money when they “go it alone.” Sure, they get people who want to come to see their home – but are these buyers qualified to purchase it or even looking in the right price ranges? As Emily shared, it’s our job to see if they are facing the same hurdles that befall many other FSBOs and educate them about how we can help them get to the closing table safely, legally, and with the best sale price possible.

As agents, you know and we know that the objections we face from FSBOs are many. But what you might not realize is that the objections are similar from client to client and house to house. Emily shared two common objections: “bring me a buyer” and “I have a friend in the business” and her tactics for overcoming these challenges.

And perhaps most key in the teachings she shared in this FSBO session was the importance of follow-up. Emily endears herself to potential clients by being genuine, easy to talk to, straightforward, and consistently in touch. She mitigates the hesitation of being one of the many realtors a FSBO may hear from each day by making light of the situation. In recognizing what the potential client is likely experiencing on the other side of the door (yes, a multitude of realtor reach outs, pushy salespeople, and bargain hunting buyers) she becomes a person that the homeowner not only likes, but trusts too. And when a person knows, likes, and trusts you, business relationships are formed.

If you’re like us and want to deepen your knowledge about how to attract and handle FSBOs in your business, you’re in luck. Emily Peckham will be back to cover the topic in-depth over the next three weeks with both classes (recorded for you to watch and rewatch!) and downloadable resources, including everything that you could possibly want to work with this segment of the market at a high level. Visit FSBOfortune.com to learn more and sign up!

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