Revive Past Leads Without Becoming Annoying

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Reaching out to the people in our database can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve connected with them. We know what you’re thinking – the last thing you want to do is annoy someone and get on their wrong side.
Have no fear! I sat down with Sarasota, FL super agent Toni Zarghami to get her advice on how to handle uncomfortable reach outs and make sure no lead goes cold. Watch her interview now and read on for how to equip yourself to handle these conversations moving forward!
1. Start to systematically follow up with your database.
We’ve all had that person we expected to reach out to us when they were ready to buy or sell, only to be surprised to find out that they used a different agent. However, it’s key to remember that it’s not the lead’s job to follow up with us. We need to be in ongoing and constant communication with our database in order to stay top of mind. So make sure you have a systematic way to keep in touch with them. Then, have a plan in mind about what you’re going to say when you connect with these leads and practice these conversations before you get on the phone. As Toni told us, “I’m going to be in real estate today, and next month, and in four years, and in ten years. Whenever you’re ready, I’m ready.”
2. Don’t be afraid of being asked questions.
Objections are just questions in the minds of our clients. They aren’t reasons to have your leads run dry. All too often we hear the questions of our clients and incorrectly interpret them as a personal rejection. In reality, this isn’t the case. We need to use these questions as a way to ensure that our potential clients have the proper guidance in order to make the right decision. They hear real estate information everywhere. However, you are the local market expert and they should be hearing news about your local area directly from you. As agents, we should provide genuine, knowledgeable, and trustworthy answers to their questions that make them confident in the choices they make, whether to buy or sell now or further down the road.
3. Ask questions.
Asking our leads questions of our own is also incredibly important in order to understand the motivations that influence them as buyers and sellers. Understanding the “why” behind their desire to make a move is always important, but especially so in this market, so that you can better serve their needs.
4. Listen to the answers.
While we might be asking questions, are we listening to the answers we receive? Toni shared that one of the biggest problems she sees is that we aren’t fully engaged in the conversations we are having with our leads. Instead, we’re too busy thinking ahead to our next question or our next answer. It’s great to have a couple of open-ended questions prepared when we start a conversation with a potential client, but then, really focus on paying attention to what they tell us. It’s through these conversations that we can truly help others and forge the necessary connections for business.
5. Brush off bad reach-outs.
One of the biggest objections we have to get over is the objection to rekindling past leads that exist in our own heads. As Toni tells us, she assumed that people would remember her, but they didn’t. It wasn’t until she systematically started following up with people that her business took off. Getting over the fear of reaching out to people is essential. Think of your own experiences on the receiving end of similar conversations. Maybe you didn’t feel like talking – but do you remember the person’s name on the other end of the phone for any bad conversation you may have had? If you happen to reach out to an unhappy or grumpy person, don’t let it bother you. They won’t remember you and it shouldn’t impact the reach-outs that follow.
When it comes down to it, rekindling cold leads comes down to systematically leveraging what’s going on at that time of the year on the calendar, picking up the phone, and checking in with the people in your database. When you ask questions, truly listen for the answers, and position yourself as a resource for your database’s questions, success will come.
What advice do you have for people hoping to reconnect with cold leads? We’d love to hear what has worked in your business!
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