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As a high-performing agent in the El Paso, Texas area, Chasity Rosales knows a thing or two about serving clients at a high level. And as an Army reservist married to a U.S Veteran, Chasity also knows a lot about the needs of military families. Her realization? The military community is frequently underserved when it comes to real estate. As a result, she’s made it her mission to make sure that military families are well-represented in the home buying and selling process. So much so, in fact, that the military represents 87% of Chasity’s impressive business.

As Chasity shared, veterans and the military community don’t often know the different resources that they have at their disposal. And more often than not, real estate agents aren’t familiar with the offerings that military families can take advantage of. When this happens, potential clients may be misled or mis-instructed about how to enter into the home buying process. And as a segment of the market that relocates frequently no matter what the overall economic market looks like, it’s beneficial to all for military families to have a correct understanding of the products, services, and properties available to them.

To best serve military families, Chasity suggests doing the following:

1. Get more specific in the needs analysis you conduct.

Every client is different. Therefore, when you sit down to meet with a potential client in your initial consultation, Chasity recommends asking questions that will indicate if they are active or former military. As she discovered firsthand when she bought her first property, her military background wasn’t asked about and therefore wasn’t considered when it came to offerings available to her based on her service. But by knowing this type of detail about the client you may represent, you can be their best advocate.

Ask about the following:

· If they are in the military or if they were in the military

· If they are planning to use a VA loan

· If they have received a purple heart

· If they have a disability from serving

· If they are nearing or have retired from the military

Questions like this can help you to understand their plans around buying a home in your area. For instance, you can determine if they wish to resell their property when a reassignment requires them to relocate or if they plan to hold onto it. Knowing their answers can help you to guide them through the pros and cons of the type of home ownership they desire and can help you to understand the type of lifestyle they prefer to live.

2. Act as an agent and concierge before a military family relocates to the area.

Many military families are unaware of the products and resources that are geared specifically to their needs. Furthermore, many agents aren’t as up-to-speed on the correct offerings as they should be.

Chasity has found, for instance, that many in the military don’t realize they can use a VA loan multiple times and incorrectly believe they need to save their use of a VA loan until they retire. As their agent, it’s important to problem solve for them and take the time to learn about how to serve their needs.

Doing so can take a couple of forms. First, educate yourself on how to serve the military through taking classes that teach about this specialized niche. Second, taking on a concierge role to military families involves helping them get a sense of the community they are moving to before they even relocate. Chasity helps potential clients get to know El Paso before they move there by sharing information such as fun facts about El Paso, pertinent information that military spouses would benefit from learning, and updated information on military policies that she is privy to a leadership in the military. In other words, everything she does for her potential clients is done with the hopes of making their lives easier and better.

3. Be an advocate for the military family.

More often than not, agents don’t understand the opportunities available to military families. This puts military families at a disadvantage. To be a true advocate, you need to learn the rules that apply to the military when it comes to real estate. As Chasity says, when you pay attention, you can make sure that you guide them and take care of them at a high level.

To start, learn about the VA products as well as the myths and misconceptions that accompany them. Take VA loans, for instance. if you’ve heard that VA loans appraise much lower than conventional loans and compromise your commission – neither are true. Next, partner with vendors such as title companies and lenders who will do their due diligence when it comes to things like understanding the differences in military property taxes to ensure that these special families can get to the closing table in the best way possible.

When you take the time to get to know military families and understand their needs, you can better educate yourself about the best ways to serve them. And as a shift-proof segment of the market, when you take care of military families at the highest level possible, you’ve earned a very valuable client for life.

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