How I Went From Zero to Capper in My First Year as a Dual Agent

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Starting a real estate business from the ground up is no easy feat. But starting a business from scratch while working full-time? That takes organization, efficiency, and dedication. Gyimah Kyei did just this, capping in his first year in real estate and subsequently growing it to become the number one agent in his market center, all while holding down a full-time job. To succeed as a top-level agent requires clear commitment. Gyimah would call for-sale-by-owners (FSBOs) and expireds, schedule appointments, show homes, and take listings after his other job was done for the day and on weekends. We sat down and discussed how his approach to lead generation helped to take his business to the next level.
He Grew His Database From Scratch
Gyimah wasn’t local to the Virginia or Washington, D.C. area where he built his real estate business. In fact, Gyimah wasn’t local to the United States. But he knew that thriving in real estate required having a robust database, which meant that he had to go out and build one. In other words, he had to talk to people and establish connections that he didn’t have previously. Gyimah got in touch with both past and current coworkers as well as his immediate group of friends. From there, he strategized how to build a wider network of friendships by targeting mutual connections. He used social media to friend request those people he knew through his friends and form relationships with them.
Gyimah was also able to use the reputation he built for himself in his other career to benefit his real estate career. Because he was known to be a trustworthy and top salesperson and district manager, he was able to successfully parlay his positive standing into his real estate role.
He Used Social Media as a Key Tool
Social media was a key tool for Gyimah as he established himself in his real estate career. For instance, he would strategically post stories and have public conversations specifically about real estate on social media relating to real estate. He would then use private messages to connect with people on a personal level. Gyimah set a goal to send roughly ten private messages every day, expecting to hear back from between six and seven of the connections. However, instead of talking about real estate in these private conversations, he would keep the real estate out of the interactions and simply be personable. Lastly, because he was still working full time, social media enabled him to connect with potential clients to schedule appointments, even when he was working at his other job.
He Focused on Adding Value to his Church
Gyimah became a member of a local church after he attended and loved the community. He initially met with the reverend and stated his desire to help people within the church buy and sell property, although he received resistance and was told there are other agents that belong to the church. However, he was dedicated to the church. He got involved, connected with the other members, and gave back. In fact, he contributed at every chance he could. His desire to pour into the community was evident and genuine, and he did it without the need for recognition. Because he clearly cared about the church and built a relationship with the reverend over time, the reverend eventually gave him the green light to schedule a Zoom seminar about home buying for the other church members. Because the reverend was highly respected and offered his support of Gyimah in hosting this seminar, over a thousand people tuned in.
Held Himself Accountable for Following a Specific Lead Generation Plan
Gyimah understood that lead generation activities require consistency. To that end, when he decided he wanted to put an end to having dual careers and focus full-time on his real estate career, he took the time to create a GPS and a 4-1-1. Having these long-term and short-term plans in place enabled him to determine what he would need to do in order to replace his other job’s income and then decide the specific activities he would need to focus on daily and weekly in order to achieve his goals.
The approach Gyimah took to become a top agent is one anyone can do if they are committed to taking their business to the next level. First, determine what lead generation techniques you’ll focus on to build your database and connect with potential clients. Then, ask yourself who in your database is a strong connector or allied resource that can help you to grow your business. Finally, have someone you trust agree to hold you accountable for putting in the necessary work. Success is possible when you are strategic, motivated, and accountable for the activities you do! What techniques have helped you to take your business up a notch?
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